Rachel Laxer Top 10 Design Favourites

Always ready to learn about what inspires the world’s top designers to create such amazing products, we’ve asked many of them to browse The Design Buzz and pick their favourite items.

This time, we get a glimpse into what Rachel Laxer finds beautiful and inspiring. What are some of the products that she’d consider using in her own design schemes at her luxury studio, Rachel Laxer Interiors? Read about them below, and click the links to buy them for yourself!

1. Honeycomb Table -  A fabulous choice for those who love contemporary furniture, Rachel describes this piece as unique, exquisite, and capable of adding magic to a space.

2. Aam Decorative Ash Plate - Because they can be used to decorate a room with authentic art, Rachel couldn’t resist adding these plates to her list of faves.

3. Chevrons N.32 Red Cashmere Blanket - Rachel loves a good cozy blanket when it’s chilly, and this one isn’t only super soft but also beautiful to look at. 

4. Tilt Floor Lamp White - Rachel couldn’t believe that this lamp features recycled cardboard, and she also loves the tilt of the lampshade for extra illumination.

5. Brigitte Aged Brass 2 Light Wall Sconce - This wall sconce is iconic and can be the perfect way to add a gold accent to a room, according to Rachel. 

6. Athena Doric Column Scented Candle Black - The stylish look and lovely fragrance of these candles transport Rachel to Greece.

7. Aparaa Serving Tray - Rachel recommends this handcrafted serving tray if you want to add character to your table. 

8. Coluna Nut Bowl Marble & Silver - Carrara Slvr - Rachel considers marble and silver the perfect combination, so it’s no surprise she added this bold bowl to her top 10 list.

9. Durban Mirror Silver Leaf - This elegant, sophisticated mirror immediately captured Rachel’s attention.

10. Cosmopol Sofa S Modular - Rachel could see this comfortable, charming sofa working beautifully in a living room or home cinema. 

If you’d like to buy any of these products, or you want to see what else is in stock, head over to The Design Buzz now.