Wireworks Bathroom Products

Bathrooms are an integral part of the home, but they’re often overlooked when it comes to décor and furnishings. While a full renovation can certainly refresh your bathroom, you needn’t replace fixtures and fittings to give the space a whole new feel. In fact, replacing accessories and embracing new bathroom furniture can be an easy and effective way to elevate your bathroom interior.

Founded in 1988, Wireworks quickly become known for its inspiring design and contemporary style. First using wire to craft innovative pieces and now working with sustainably sourced hardwood, designers are dedicated to creating outstanding experiences and impeccable products using FSC timber.

As a new year approaches, now is the ideal time to give bathrooms an update. To plan your redesign, take a look at our top picks from Wireworks and Czech & Speake:

1. Towel Rail

A Wireworks towel rail is an essential accessory in any bathroom, sauna, or wet room but you needn’t limit your choices by installing a fixed towel rail on the wall. The Mezza Grande Towel Rail by Wireworks provides all the functionality you need, along with contemporary styling and streamlined dimensions.

Crafted from solid American white oak, the Mezza Grande Towel Rail belies its sleek and slimline look with its sturdiness and durability. Large enough to hold a full range of towels yet unobtrusive and inconspicuous, it’s the ideal option for both large and smaller bathrooms and wet rooms.

Towel Rail Mezza Grande White Oak by Wireworks

2. Bath Bridge Studio

Wireworks’ use of sustainably sourced timber makes it the perfect choice for an eco-friendly bathroom design. The Bath Bridge Studio offers effortless storage for toiletries and accessories while delivering a modern yet natural look. Designed to sit over the bath, the natural oak finish lends itself to Nordic-inspired interiors, while the dark oak finish creates a dark and dramatic aesthetic.

Bath Bridge Studio American White Oak by Wireworks

3. Revolve 1140 Cosmos

A Wireworks bathroom combines elegant design with practicality, which is exactly what the Revolve 1140 Cosmos offers. Featuring a full-length dressing mirror on one side and a magnifying mirror and six lipped edge storage trays on the other, it offers a wide range of features in one sleek design.

Finished in a smooth, matt, dark oak water-resistant lacquer and measuring 28w x 20d x 114h cm, the Revolve 1140 Cosmos elevates your bathroom design while providing the functionality you need in an en suite, wet room, or family bathroom.

Revolve 1140 Cosmos White Oak by Wireworks

4. FSD Soap Holders

Soap holders will inevitably be a permanent fixture in every bathroom in your home, but don’t be tempted to settle when it comes to styling. FSD soap holders by Czech & Speake are unparalleled in both design and quality. Taken from the DCA Collection, in collaboration with renowned architect, Sir David Chipperfield, these pieces add understated luxury and decadence to modern bathrooms.

The Freestanding FSD Soap Holder can sit neatly atop a bathroom shelf or aside the sink, while the FSD Soap Holder can be affixed to walls or units to add a permanent elegance to your bathroom. Using handcrafted crystal glass in cobalt blue, accompanied by a chrome or nickel finish, FSD soap holders use clean lines to create an opulent, spa-like environment.

FSD Soap Holder Freestanding by Czech & Speake

5. Roll Holder Box Arena Bamboo

You’ll want to ensure that bathrooms are fully stocked with essentials, which is why a Wireworks toilet roll holder is a must-have bathroom accessory. The Roll Holder Box Arena Bamboo holds up to three spare toilet rolls and encompasses a simple, compact design. Crafted from honey-coloured bamboo sourced from the Anji Mountains in China, with silicone feet to ensure stability and safety, the Roll Holder Box Arena Bamboo is an effortless way to incorporate contemporary design and styling into your bathroom interiors.

Roll Holder Box Arena Bamboo by Wireworks

6. Caddy Mezza Deep Trays

It doesn’t matter what size your bathroom is, there’s a good chance that you’re crying out for more storage! Fortunately, the Caddy Mezza Deep Trays are an integral part of the Wireworks bathroom range, so you can increase your bathroom storage at any time.

Featuring three deep trays yet only 22w x 26d x 84h cm in size, the Caddy sits neatly under countertops or sinks, while providing you with the extra functionality you need. Perfect for lotions, soaps, bath oils, and toiletries, the portable caddy echoes the slimline design that characterises Wireworks bathroom furniture.

Caddy Mezza Deep Trays by Wireworks

7. Cubist Handblown Crystal Vase

When you’re refining your bathroom interiors, it’s important to maximise functionality and ensure the space meets the needs of your household, but this needn’t prevent you from incorporating decorative pieces into your designs. The Cubist Handblown Crystal Vase by Czech & Speake positively oozes luxury and can elevate regular bathrooms into something truly special.

Inspired by Art Deco designs from the 1920s, the hand-blown Bohemian crystal vase is available in chrome or nickel and adds metallic elements to your colour palette. Whether you’re looking for an accent piece to balance a white or neutral bathroom or you want to maximise the impact of a dark and dramatic colour scheme, the Cubist Handblown Crystal Vase is sure to add the finishing touches to a luxury contemporary bathroom.

Cubist Handblown Crystal Vase by Czech & Speake

8. Slatted Shower Mat

Taken from the Wireworks bathroom range, the Slatted Shower Mat Arena Bamboo provides a safe and secure place to dry off after a refreshing shower or relaxing bath. Due to its compact design, the Slatted Shower Mat, or ‘duckboard’, works equally well in smaller bathrooms and shower rooms as it does in expansive wet rooms and saunas. Lay atop stone or tiled floors to ensure comfort, safety, and style when you step out of the shower. Inspired by Victorian slatted bathroom mats and hand-sanded to ensure soft edges, the Slatted Shower Mat from Wireworks is constructed from honey-coloured bamboo and features a matt, water-resistant lacquer for increased durability.  

Slatted Shower Mat Arena Bamboo by Wireworks

Redesigning Your Bathroom

A bathroom update can transform the design and feel of your entire home, so why wait to redesign this essential space? From complete overhauls to subtle upgrades, Wireworks and Czech & Speake provide all the inspiration you need when it comes to updating your bathroom interiors.