Richard Brendon's Story

While studying product design, Richard Brendon had a simple but beautiful idea. This idea became his signature Reflect collection and provided the platform to launch his brand in 2012. Richard is native to Notting Hill, and used to work at a pub on Portobello Road while attending design school. Every Saturday morning Richard saw this well-known road burst into life, as antique dealers from far and wide descended on the market to peddle their wares. Richard, who is curious by nature, quickly became enthralled by the plethora of unusual objects that surrounded him.Richard has had an affinity for ceramics ever since his mother took him to pottery classes as a child, however, it was the famous Portobello Market which developed his keen interest for antique British porcelain. Richard soon realised there was a surplus of antique saucers, because teacups break more frequently, and he decided he wanted to make these orphan saucers valuable again. Richard’s idea was to produce mirrored cups to sit on the antique saucers, allowing the pattern to be reflected in the cup, and thus uniting them as a perfect couple. After a trip to Stoke-on-Trent, and a couple of prototypes later, Richard was ready to exhibit his idea at his graduate design exhibition. To his surprise, his simple idea received critical acclaim and Richard was soon supplying many of the most prestigious retailers in the world.