Roberta Audisio Top 10 Design Favourites

At The Design Buzz, discovering what inspires the world’s best designers is our goal. So, we asked some of our favourites to browse our website and pick some of the products that they recommend most.  

In this video, we show you the 10 products chosen by Roberta Audisio, a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd.

We’re thrilled to share these products with you so you can enhance your home’s design! If you love any of them, just click the links below to make your purchase. 

1. Cactus Mania Venetian Glass Containers - Roberta loves the Casarialto collection, so it’s no surprise that these unique containers were included in her list.  

2. Divaar Timber & Cane Room Divider - Roberta took note of the beautiful combination of materials used to make this room divider.  

3. Paul Sofa - Because this pretty sofa represents Roberta’s style, she couldn’t resist it.   

4. Perugia - Terracotta - This rug caught Roberta’s attention because of its colours and overall design.

 5. Flower Power Set of 6 Glasses - Roberta chose these glasses because of their attractive colours and the small details that catch your eye.  

6. Sage Flowers/Golden Silk Suzani Cushion Double Sided Ikat - Because this extraordinary cushion can be added to a variety of interior design schemes, Roberta chose to include it in her top 10 list.  

7. Candleholder - Roberta couldn’t resist the delicate, unique design of this interesting candleholder.  

8. Schlemmer Ceramic Bowl  - Roberta recommends this unique bowl when you want to display colourful fruit.  

 9. Faceted Vase Tall - This vase features a simple design and lovely colour options, so Roberta had to add it to her list.

10. Agni Tray and Brass Chalice Set - Roberta recommends using this set to display food or snacks for friends and family.

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