Roselind Wilson's Top 10 Design Favourites

Discovering what inspires the world’s top designers is one of our passions here at The Design Buzz. That’s why we asked some of them to browse our website and select their favourite items.

In this video, we learn about Roselind Wilson, who founded Roselind Wilson Design. If you’d like to get more info on any of the items she chose, or if you want to buy them for yourself, simply click on the links below. 

1. Infini Squares Red Cashmere Blanket - Roselind loves the geometric pattern of this cashmere blanket, which she sees as an easy way to add colour to a space.  

2. 45v Pendant Rust/Zinc - This pendant has several features, such as a simple design and a lovely combination of rust and zinc, that caught Roselind’s eye. 

3. Paw Stool - Roselind had to include this quirky stool on her list of top 10 faves because it’s sure to grab everyone’s attention when they see it in a room.

4. Marina Arm Chair - This striped chair reminds Roselind of summer, and she describes its design as outdoorsy, fresh, and sporty. 

5. Marble Bookends Rectangle Prism Shape - These elegant marble bookends remind Roselind of the connection between design and nature.

6. Sabi - Monochrome - Roselind thinks this rug would serve as a beautiful foundation for any design scheme, thanks to its striking pattern.

7. Mera Dark Chair Ash Leather & Cane - This chair, which Roselind believes could work in any space, has a timeless design that caught her attention. 

 8. Rumba Console Table - According to Roselind, this table could be a piece of artwork, so it’s no surprise that she included it on her list of favourites.

9. Bonnie Chair - This unique chair reminds Roselind that it’s important to have fun, even in design, without taking yourself too seriously.

10. Coat Hanger - These sleek hangers are ideal for displaying your clothes and finding the perfect outfit every day.

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