Sinem Kulak Top 10 Design Favourites

At The Design Buzz, we love learning about the products that inspire designers and decorators. That’s why we’ve asked some of the world’s most talented designers to choose their favourite items from our online shop. 

This video features Sinem Kulak, a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd. She gladly compiled her list of top picks, and we’re delighted to share them with you!

If any of the products in this video catch your eye and you want to buy them for yourself, simply follow the links below to place your order.

1. Lipstick Bar Stool - Looking for something fun and different for your home? Sinem couldn’t resist this bar stool’s playful design. 

2. Mausam Coffee Table - Sinem considers this a must-have coffee table because of its eye-catching look. 

3. Neo Pig Fabric Tasseled Cushion - This lovely cushion caught Sinem’s attention because her favourite colour is royal blue.   

4. Nina Hand Painted Ceramic Figurine  - Sinem was attracted to this creative figurine, which depicts a strong female warrior. 

 5. Kiva Platter 24K Gold - Crystal GLD - Sinem highly recommends this platter, which is so distinctive that it’s sure to become the focal point of your table.  

6. Sand to Glass Double Wall Bowl - Offering something unique, Sinem loves that you can see the sand in the glass of this bowl. 

 7. Sphere and Cut Circle  - The elegant yet simple metal rods on this light are what caused it to land on Sinem’s top 10 list.

 8. T4| Cake Stand - Medium Marble Top - Sinem chose this beautiful cake stand because it looks phenomenal even when it isn’t displaying a cake. 

9. Tropical Birds Set of 6 Water Glasses - These cute water glasses can serve as an easy way to add colour to any table, so Sinem had to include them in her list.  

10. Oklahoma Tray - Sinem was amazed by this tray’s combination of artful design and bold colours. 

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