Smart Jewellery & Wearable Tech

There’s no doubt that technology has revolutionised the way we live and work but now it’s transforming our personal style too. The rise of smart jewellery and wearable tech is combining form and function in an entirely new way. To find out how to embrace the latest trends and make the most of the latest innovations, read on to learn everything you need to know about smart jewellery.

What Is Smart Jewellery?

Smart jewellery is one type of wearable technology, although the two terms are often used interchangeably. Indeed, the range of stylish designs that are now available is bringing wearable tech closer to smart jewellery and blurring the lines between the two.

When you compare the varying designs of the Apple Watch or the FITBIT Versa, for example, it’s easy to see how designers are increasing personalisation and beauty when creating wearable tech.

Leather Contactless Payment Key Ring - Lucky Rainbow Clover by Tovi Sorga

Examples of Wearable Tech

The first examples of wearable tech were intrinsically linked to fitness. You could argue that digital pedometers were one of the earliest examples of wearable tech, although most consider more advanced fitness trackers to be more aligned with what we expect from modern technology.

Often featuring a step counter, heart rate monitor and distance tracker, these early examples of wearable tech typically favoured function over form. Limited design choices and arguably unexciting styling meant that people wore them for their features and functionality, rather than their beauty.

Over time, however, it wasn’t just the technology that evolved. In the same way that Apple used design to outperform its competitors when creating desktops and laptops, manufacturers were quick to realise the potential of enhanced design and smart ideas jewellery. As wearable tech advanced to offer a wider range of functions, such as the ability to send emails, receive calls or even shop online, closer attention was paid to the style and design of these devices too.

Smartwatches, like the Apple Watch or the Samsung Galaxy Watch, are perhaps the best-known forms of wearable tech. With a variety of models now on the market, it’s easy to see how the design of wearable tech has changed. Now, form is as equally important as function and people select smart jewellery based on its appearance as well as its function.

Leather Contactless Payment Bracelet - Tattoo by Tovi Sorga

Maximising Convenience with Smartware

As demand for smart jewellery increases and wearable tech becomes more widely used, designers are breaking new ground, both in terms of design and function. The new collection of wearable tech from Tovi Sorga highlights just how effectively form and function can be combined to maximise convenience in a modern world.

Using innovative technology to facilitate contactless payments, exquisite payment bracelets can be worn at any time. From classic styles, like Black on Tan or Black Snakeskin, to more intricate designs, such as Tattoo or Runway, the bracelets are worn as much for their style as their function. 

Incorporating the same tech but extending the collection, Tovi Sorga has already introduced contactless payment keyrings, bag charms and fobs. Often featuring fun and vibrant designs, like the Zap! Keyring, the Lucky Rainbow Clover and the Metallic Gold Heart, these leather accessories can enhance your personal style while maximising convenience via the latest technology.

Leather Contactless Payment Bracelet: Black on Tan by Tovi Sorga

What’s the Future of Smartware?

In the same way that smart home accessories have risen in popularity, we can expect to see smartware taking off. While wearable tech has already created a thriving market, the introduction of smart jewellery will complete the smartware market and give people the opportunity to incorporate more personalisation and beauty into their wearable tech.

Today, distinct technology is overlooked in favour of easy integrations, and this is a trend that will extend to the smartware market. Already, the Tovi Sorga range is using established technology to increase functionality and security. Used in conjunction with the MuchBetter app and contactless payment terminals, the technology integrates seamlessly to enhance user experiences.

In time, smart jewellery will be integrated with smart home accessories, in the same way that today’s wearable tech can be linked to computers and laptops. With the option to share data wirelessly, smart jewellery will simply become a stylish extension to our personal tech networks.

However, the tech revolution won’t stop there. We’re already using smart home accessories and technology to increase automation in our lives and smartware will bring even more possibilities with it. When you can rely on smart jewellery to simplify and streamline your life, it has the potential to give us the freedom and flexibility we crave.

As personalisation comes to the fore, we can expect to see bespoke pieces of smart jewellery available too. From contactless payment bracelets and smartwatches to access control rings, smart jewellery and smartware are set to combine form and function like never before.

Leather Contactless Payment Bracelet: Rhythm by Tovi Sorga