Snuggling Down for a Luxury Winter

As the temperatures start to drop attention moves to cosy winter nights snuggled by the fire. Keeping warm with a cosy dressing gown, blanket or throw is a must have for a winter warmer. Blankets and throws are often overlooked but it’s always worth investing in a quality product that will be warmer and last for longer. When it comes to buying a blanket or throw to keep you warm, you might not think about it too much other than the colour and size, but there’s some other things to think about too.

There are lots of different fabrics when it comes to blankets each of which has its own benefits.

Soft Wool Blankets

Soft wool blankets are one of the most comfortable blankets and they are made from natural fibres which are breathable too. Wool material is lightweight but warm, and nothing will help you snuggle up better than a wool weave knitted throw or blanket as the weather turns colder.

Cortina Wool Throw by Claudia Barbari

Luxury Cashmere Throw Blankets

For a touch of luxury, cashmere is a great material for throws or blankets. Cashmere is one of the softest materials that you can buy, and it is also elegant too giving your home a touch of luxury.

Esra Cashmere Throw by Oyuna

Solar Throw by Saved NY

Down Throws and Blankets

Down blankets or throws are quite thin and light but they include a layer of feathery down between the layers of fabric. Although this blanket is lightweight it is very warm.

Fleece is a popular material for blankets and is a cosy, soft material which works really well for children. It’s also a great material for drawing away moisture.

Vellux Plush Lux Blanket

Vellux is a plush luxe blanket commonly used in hotels. They include a very thin foam core which is surrounded by a soft nylon plush with a super soft velvety texture. These blankets are great because they are hypoallergenic, and they can withstand repeated washing even at high temperatures making them a great choice for your home. 

Luxury Dressing Gowns and Bathrobes

Legere Cashmere Dressing Gown by Oyuna

When it comes to luxury & designer dressing gowns, there are lots of different styles and materials to keep you warm too. You can choose from:

  • Fleece dressing gowns are warm, comfortable and cosy,
  • Luxury velour bathrobes are super soft and warm,
  • Luxury spa waffle bathrobes are soft and comfortable. They keep you warm whether you have just stepped out of the shower or you are looking for an extra layer when sitting watching the TV on an evening.

At TDB we’ve got a great selection of stylish luxury blankets and throws for every home to keep you snug and warm.