Styling with cashmere

Textiles add depth and texture to your interior design and what better fabric to use than cashmere? Super soft, exceptionally durable, and naturally warm, luxury cashmere throws are the perfect addition to any room.

Of course, you’ll want to use textiles in the right way to elevate your interior design. To do so, take a look at our top tips, ideas and inspiration for styling with cashmere:

1. Formal Folds

If you want to create an organised and uncluttered look, fold cashmere throws neatly into thirds and drape carefully over the back of a sofa. Placing the throw either in the centre or off to one side will deliver a sophisticated and uncomplicated aesthetic, but don’t be tempted to overcrowd the space. Keep cushions to a minimum and let a carefully placed cashmere throw do the talking instead.

Uno Classic Throw Fringed Cashmere in Tan by Oyuna

2. Gathered Finishes

When you want to use cashmere throws and blankets to create a relaxed and inviting look, forego precision in favour of gathering. This works particularly well for styling beds, especially when you want to craft an inviting interior that positively envelops you when you walk through the door. Add luxury cashmere throws to the end of your bed and allow them to rumple and gather, instead of pulling them taut or folding them neatly for a barely made aesthetic. For maximum impact, place a folded throw on the end of the bed and add a loosely gathered throw partially over it.

Chanel Cashmere Throw by Claudia Barbari

3. Complete Comfort

Nothing says relaxation like luxury cashmere throws and blankets, so use this to your advantage when styling your living area. When you want to create a cosy visual impact, you can incorporate cushions and multiple throws to maximise comfort.

Drape a throw over part of the sofa and add cushions partly on top of it to form an insouciant aesthetic, for example, and match neutral throws with colourful blankets to complete your colour palette. This laissez-faire attitude will even influence your mood and outlook as you relax and unwind in your haven.

Ambar Wood Block Throw in Hazelnut by Ambar Living

4. Hang Out

If you want to have luxury cashmere throws to hand but you don’t want to drape them or fold them over a piece of statement furniture, hang them to one side instead. The rung of a decorative ladder, an unused handle, or even a repurposed vintage magazine rack can become the ideal place to store and display luxury throws when they’re not in use. Just make sure your cashmere throw is nearby, as you’re sure to want to ensconce yourself in its soft fabric as you settle down.

Coral Braided Throw by Ambar Living

5. Be Versatile

When you’re styling an interior with luxury cashmere throws and blankets, living spaces and bedrooms are the obvious choice. However, these aren’t the only areas that can benefit from these super soft accessories.

Draping a cashmere throw over the back of your desk chair in your home office can add a touch of luxury and warmth to your workspace, for example. Alternatively, add a folded cashmere blanket to a window seat or landing armchair to create a cosy nook that can be used at any time of the day.

Ambar Braided Yarn Throw Off White by Ambar Living

Find the Best Cashmere Throws and Blankets

No matter what style of interior you favour or what your colour palette is this season, there are luxury cashmere throws and blankets to match. To find the best styling options for your home, take a look at our top picks now:

1. Cloe Cashmere Throw

The Cloe Cashmere Throw by Claudia Barbari features neutral colours that will complement any space or colour scheme. With matching cushions also available, you can add a sense of decadence to sofas, chairs, and beds when you incorporate this cosy and comforting piece into your design.

Cloe Cashmere Throw by Claudia Barbari

2. Abstract Motif Design Cashmere Blanket

Made by hand using traditional methods, the Abstract Motif Design Cashmere Blanket by SAVED NY showcases exceptional craftsmanship and is a focal point in any room. Combining bold blue and mid-tone brown on a grey background, the design, formed in collaboration with Wayne Pate, is bold and becoming. Available in three sizes, the Abstract Motif Design Cashmere Blanket is sure to be a hit.

Abstract Motif Design Cashmere Blanket by Saved NY

3. Mongolian Grey & Red Cashmere Blanket

Another spectacular blanket from SAVED NY, the Mongolian Grey & Red Cashmere Blanket combines luxury and sustainability. Made using Mongolian cashmere, each blanket begins its life as herders gently comb Hircus goats for their fleece. With a base of light and dark grey, this blanket offers a neutral aesthetic, with just a central red motif offering a burst of colour.

Mongolian Grey & Red Cashmere Blanket by Saved NY

4. Quadro Cashmere Throw

The Qaudro Cashmere Throw by Oyuna is perfect for creating a relaxed and welcoming feel. Its woven square weave enhances the texture of the fabric and gives it added depth which elevates your interior further. Available in Air and Taupe, Ash and Taupe and Gold and Taupe, you’re sure to find a shade that complements your chosen colour palette. 

Quadro Cashmere Throw in Gold and Taupe by Oyuna

5. Uno Classic Throw Fringed

Also by Oyuna, the Uno Classic Throw Fringed is taken from the brand’s ‘Timeless’ collection. Exceptionally soft, the Uno throw adds a luxurious feel to any chair, footstool, bed, sofa, or bench, while the fringe offers an extra design element that enhances its appeal. The Uno Classic Throw is available in a variety of colours, including Tan, Cream, Ash Tan, Gold Tan and Dawn Tan, and incorporates a two-tone fringe, often in contrasting shades.

Uno Classic Throw Fringed Cashmere in Cream by Oyuna

Add Luxury to Your Interior with Cashmere Throws and Blankets

Characterised by its quality and softness, cashmere is a wonderful fabric to use in your interior design. Whether you’re decorating a bedroom or adding new elements to your existing living space, cashmere throws and blankets can enhance the feel, ambience, and aesthetic of any room.

Injecting a sense of comfort and cosiness into your surroundings, cashmere is the perfect material to snuggle into a cold winter’s night. From relaxing in front of a box set, catching up with friends, or curling up with a good book, a luxury cashmere throw is a home accessory that you’ll always treasure.