Tara Abed Top 10 Design Favourites

Here at The Design Buzz, we enjoy discovering what inspires the world’s most talented designers. That’s why we asked some of them to go to our website, browse the products available, and select a few of their favourites.

In this video, you get to see the products recommended by Tara Abed, who is a senior interior designer at Shalini Misra Ltd.  

Tara put together a list of 8 products that caught her eye, and we’re ready to share them with you!

If you fall in love with any of these items, you can buy them by clicking the links below.   

1. Billie Side Table Red Marble - This extraordinary table made it on Tara’s list of top picks because of its glamorous appearance. 

2. Golden Archer Triangular Coffee Table - Tara couldn’t resist the luxurious materials and finishes that come together perfectly in this table.  

3.  Mirror Set of 3 Scented Candles Small - Tara recommends using candles with a nice fragrance, and she thinks these can add a luxurious touch to any design scheme.

4. Venus Love Figurine Decor - For Tara, this sculpture represents beauty, victory, prosperity, and love, so she had to include it in her list of favourites.

5. Vonkli Sofa Velvet Upholstered - According to Tara, this modern, artsy sofa is a must-have when you want to add an interesting element to your home.  

 6. Hinsdale Aged Brass 7 Light Island - With its simple design and brass finish, this light can be added to just about any room with ease, according to Tara. 

7. Jasmine Swivel Armchair - The shape and texture of this chair reminded Tara of a jasmine tree, so she absolutely had to include it in her list of faves.    

8. Marshmallow Sideboard - Tara highly recommends this piece when you want to add a fun and attention-grabbing element to a room.  

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