Interview with Canary & Grey

On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson chats with Abiha Jafri from Canary and Grey, a company that uses natural materials like stone, marble, and quartz to craft sleek and stunning home accessories like trays and cake boards. Plus, all of their products are sourced and made in the UK.  

To begin this interview, Charles asks Abiha about her background, so she talks about her upbringing and the fact that she had always been surrounded by art and design, thanks to her parents. She also talks about an experience she had in a factory, where she came across “waste” that she thought would work perfectly as cheeseboards. Known for thinking outside the box, Abiha took time during the COVID-19 pandemic to experiment more, and her extraordinary trays and boards are now available all over the world.

Abiha lets us know a bit about the process behind the creation of her beautiful items, and shares how she is able to make products with seamless designs. Beyond that, her business is focused on sustainability, and it’s fascinating to hear about waste products finding new life through Canary and Grey. For example, using materials like quartz allowed her to create a sustainable range because she’s able to find offcuts of quartz with lovely colours and patterns. And the approach her company takes to production also gave Canary and Grey the opportunity to make a limited edition range of unique products.

With so much attention to detail, it’s clear that Canary and Grey products are one-of-a-kind. Abiha ends this interview by discussing some of the company’s future plans, and it’s exciting to see what they’ll offer next.

Would you like to view some of these decorative boards and trays to see what makes them so special? Head over the Canary and Grey page on The Design Buzz, and start shopping so you can get your favourites!