Interview with Ambar Living

For this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson took some time to talk to Natalia Nicolau, who is the founder of Ambar Living. This company is based in London, and it’s known for its luxurious textiles, from scarves to cushions. That’s right: Natalia and her team are able to make beautiful fashion accessories for you and stunning décor for your home!

Because of Natalia’s background, which includes architecture and fashion, she was able to dive into textile development with confidence. Hearing about the path she took to establish such an exciting career is enjoyable and inspirational. She even shares the similarities between fashion and interior design, and talks a bit about why her brand prefers bold pieces that make a statement.

Sustainability in business is extremely important these days, so Charles asks Natalia to discuss how her company has taken a more eco-friendly approach to production. If you’re fascinated by the steps that a fashion and home design business can take to be more environmentally conscious, you’ll love what Natalia has to say. And it’s great to hear her talk about how she takes several factors into consideration to ensure her brand operates in a way that provides a safe and comfortable place to work.  

What’s also fascinating is Natalia’s approach to making such unique items, and how she takes advantage of things even when they don’t turn out quite as planned. She also shares one of her favourite pieces, and discusses what makes it so special. Then, Charles makes sure to ask about her company’s future plans so you can get an idea of what to anticipate down the road. 

Would you like to see some of the extraordinary items? Check out the Ambar Living collection page on The Design Buzz, where you can quickly and easily order lovely products for yourself and your home