Interview with Jennifer Manners

We’re back with another episode of The Buzz, and this time Shalini Misra got the chance to talk to Jennifer Manners, who is known for designing luxury rugs and textiles.

Jennifer starts off by discussing her education and career as a journalist, and also talks about her early experiences in the world of interior design. It’s fascinating to hear about the amazing places she traveled to, and how collecting various crafts inspired her to reconnect with her love of textiles.

When Jennifer couldn’t find what she needed in the world of rugs, she decided to come up with her own solution, and that helped her transition beyond textiles and into the creation of rugs with the help of manufacturers in places like India and Nepal. She shares some information about her travels to those areas and how she has been influenced by the creativity and hard work of the weavers.

At The Design Buzz, we enjoy talking to designers who take steps to be more sustainable, so Shalini had to ask Jennifer about products that are made from recycled materials. By learning about the potential drawbacks of textiles made from recycled plastic, Jennifer was able to make her rugs soft, moisture resistant, and easy to clean. She gladly shares some of the steps that she took to offer such high-quality items that stand out against similar repurposed products on the market.

Before ending this chat, Jennifer talks about the fact that she has been able to collaborate with other talented designers, so she dives into how those collaborations have helped her improve her collections. And she also talks about some of her favourite rugs and why they’re so special.

If this interview has piqued your curiosity about the gorgeous handmade rugs that are sold by Jennifer Manners, you can view them and buy them on The Design Buzz.