Interview with Lotus Arts de Vivre

On this exciting episode of The Buzz, Shalini Misra talks to Rolf Von Bueren, who is the founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre, which is a business that sells extraordinary accessories for the home. To learn more about Rolf and his company, Shalini starts by asking him to discuss its background, so he shares all of the details that led to the start and growth of this unique brand.

Rolf also discusses the types of materials that are used to make the products he sells, and it’s great to learn that many of them are recycled. He even showcases some of the items that are made using materials that would otherwise be thrown away, proving that the products are beautifully crafted with a lot of attention to detail. It’s lovely to see the items and learn about some of the attributes that make them noteworthy.

After talking about how he acquires such incredible accessories and amazing materials from around the world, Shalini asks Rolf to talk even more about his many travels to extraordinary places. We get to learn about some of the techniques and materials that people from various parts of the world use to handcraft decorative and functional items for the home. And, before ending this chat, Rolf discusses a few of his plans for 2021.

Overall, this informative interview isn’t only about the products you’ll find for sale on the Lotus Arts de Vivre shop. Instead, this discussion also goes deep into the methods that various cultures have been using to make those products by hand.

If you’re searching for eye-catching, one-of-a-kind decorative accessories for your home, definitely check out the many different items that are offered by Lotus Arts de Vivre. To browse some of their most popular offerings and place your order with ease, check out their page on The Design Buzz!