Interview with Oyuna

On this entertaining episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson chats with Oyuna Tserendorj. She’s the founder of Oyuna, a brand that’s known for luxurious fashion and textiles that are designed in London and made in Mongolia.

This interview begins with Oyuna discussing what motivated her to start her business, and what inspires her unique designs and use of bright colours. It’s fascinating to hear about the ways that Mongolian traditional clothing and interiors have influenced this company and the products they create. 

Because The Design Buzz loves brands that are focused on eco-friendly business practices, Charles doesn’t hesitate to ask Oyuna about her approach to sustainability. Put simply, Oyuna’s goal is to preserve Mongolia’s land, culture, and animal welfare while producing cashmere items that customers can enjoy. We get to learn why it’s so important for her business to work in a manner that supports people and the planet—you can certainly feel good about buying from this brand!

Mongolia is such a special place, and Oyuna still travels there often, so she shares some of the ways that she spends her time there. But, in addition to being a place that she personally likes to visit, Mongolia is also the location where her business has had a factory to ensure she knows exactly where her cashmere comes from.

Currently, when you browse the products offered by Oyuna, you’ll notice that they sell a combination of fashion items and home items, so she discusses the popularity of these two categories of products. And, before concluding this interview, she also goes into her plans for 2021, including an exciting campaign aimed at helping Mongolian nomads.

If you’re ready to check out the incredible items produced by Oyuna, visit their page on The Design Buzz, where you can buy some of their most popular offerings, including their beloved cashmere throws!