Interview with Royal Stranger

On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson spends some time chatting with Sofia Pinho Santos. She is the co-founder and Head Designer of Royal Stranger, a company that produces incredibly beautiful, creative, handmade furniture and accessories. These are truly unique pieces that may inspire you to design a space around them rather than the other way around, so we were excited to talk to her for a bit.

It’s always great to learn about how far our favourite designers have come, so Charles starts the interview by asking Sofia about her background in architecture and interior design. Sofia shares what inspired her and how her career evolved over time.

After talking about what her brand is all about, including the inspiration behind the name “Royal Stranger,” Sofia dives into her approach to sustainability. We love businesses that take steps to support the environment, so it’s fascinating to learn about the strategies used by Royal Stranger. For example, they carefully choose the right materials for their products, and they make their items in a manner that’s as eco-friendly as possible.

One thing you’ll notice when you browse Royal Stranger’s products is their use of colour, so we also learn how Sofia selects the colours that appeal to various markets in different countries. She even discusses her brand’s marketing strategy to get the word out about her business, and the various places around the world where you can find her products on display.

Before the end of the interview, Sofia shares a bit about Royal Stranger’s plans for the future, and she talks about some of her favourite pieces and why she loves them so much.  

If you’re intrigued and would like to learn more about this business and its furniture and accessories, check out the brand’s page on The Design Buzz.