Interview with Square in Circle

On this episode of The Buzz, Charles Stephenson and Alesia Sirokina have a discussion about her business, Square in Circle, and the awesome light fixtures that she has been able to create for designers and customers around the world.

After sharing a bit about her background in interior design and product design, Alesia dives into the reasons why she decided to focus on lighting, in particular. And, as she discusses the inspiration behind her designs, we start to get a clearer idea of how she is able to come up with such interesting combinations of geometric shapes for her unique light fixtures.

Alesia has been drawn to different design eras, such as modernism. And experimenting with multiple geometric shapes and different types of materials helps her continually create innovative and captivating light fixtures. It’s great to hear her talk about the process that she uses when she works, and it’s truly inspiring. It’s also interesting to learn how Alesia uses her background in interior design to determine what lighting would work best in a space, and to figure out how to work with other designers to properly light a room.

Before ending their discussion, Charles makes sure to ask Alesia about upcoming offerings that we can expect from Square in Circle in the future. She talks a bit about the furniture that her brand will be selling, and she also dives into how technological advancements in the home may end up affecting the lighting that homeowners will need.

Would you like to see some of Alesia’s stunning light fixtures, and place an order for one so you can take your own interior design to new heights? Head over to the Square in Circle collection page to see products that are currently available.