Interview with Studio Sahil

On this episode of The Buzz, Shalini Misra spends some time chatting with Rezzan Hasoğlu, who founded Studio Sahil in London in 2018. It’s interesting to learn about Rezzan’s background and the path that she took to become the successful designer and business owner that she is today.

Studio Sahil designs beautiful glassware that is handmade and hand blown with sands from various parts of the world. Using experimental techniques, and deriving inspiration from culture, history, and art, the brand is able to create a range of products that can suit all style preferences.

At The Design Buzz, we love learning about designers who are inspired by Mother Nature. So Rezzan also discusses her connection to the natural world, and how it helps her create such stunning pieces for interior designers and consumers. But in addition to using nature as an inspiration, Rezzan even makes it a point to take a natural approach to the way she produces her extraordinary glassware. That’s why most of the pieces sold by Studio Sahil are handmade with natural materials whenever possible.

Through the use of ancient techniques in glassblowing and collaborations with small glass studios, Studio Sahil is able to make products that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also have such unique features that they are anything but ordinary. Before ending this interview, Rezzan shows us some of her favourite pieces, and explains what makes them so special. If you are a fan of glassware that is both functional and sculptural, you’ll be amazed by these lovely items and the various ways that you can use them every day.

If you enjoyed this interview with Rezzan and you would like to see some of the many offerings from Studio Sahil, visit their page on The Design Buzz, where you can also place an order to get one of these items for your home.