Interview with Mayowa Samuel Luxury Candles

We’re back with another episode of The Buzz! This time, Shalini Misra spends some time getting to know Mayowa from the brand, Mayowa Samuel, which produces high-quality candles and diffusers.

After introducing this extraordinary company, Shalina asks Mayowa to dive into the brand’s background and how the business has grown over the years. Hailing from Nigeria, Mayowa was exposed to a variety of colours, scents, and textures when he was young. And after moving to London, he discovered his love of fragrance. Mayowa shares all of the experiences that inspired him to create the self-care and wellness products that he sells today. And it’s fascinating to hear how far he’s come as he talks about the start of his business and how much he’s grown and changed along the way.

Shalina also asks Mayowa about his essential oils, in particular, so we learn about the attributes of these oils and why he selects them for his products. Then, after talking about the benefits of aromatherapy, Mayowa lets us know a bit about how his products are made, and the incredible attention to detail that’s employed to ensure all of the items are able to deliver the results you want. Whether you hope to try aromatherapy for relaxation or energy, the ultimate goal is self-care, so the brand focuses on that at every step.

Finally, Mayowa talks about the importance of taking a sustainable approach in production, and we get to learn about the natural supplies that are used in these handmade items.

If you’re a fan of candles or diffusers, and you’re interested in self-care and supporting companies that take a more natural approach to production, it’s worth your time to browse Mayowa Samuel’s offerings.