The Buzz Interview With Alex Mint

Alexia Mintsouli from Alex Mint was interviewed by The Design Buzz's Charles Stephenson to discuss her namesake brand and how she transforms natural marble, stone, and other attractive materials, such as wood and gold leaf, into stunning tables and decorative accessories that are sure to be conversation starters and attention grabbers when incorporated into any home’s design. 

This short interview delves into who Alexia is, what her history as a designer has been, and what has inspired her to create such unique, handmade furniture. View this video to learn a little bit about her process, from how she conceptualises these extraordinary pieces to how she brings them to life.

Alexia has an extraordinary talent, utilising her background and exposure to a marble factory, along with her education in architecture, to visualise her designs. She explains how she sketches her designs by hand before using software for 3D renderings, and how she takes care to oversee every detail until the end product is produced. It takes time, as Alexia explains, but each piece is long-lasting and distinctive, and certainly something that you will want to keep in your family for generations. This is not your average furniture design and production process! 

Finally, the interview takes us into the future of Alex Mint, with a discussion of upcoming collections that we can all anticipate. If you’ve wanted to incorporate marble into your home design scheme, or if you’ve travelled through Europe and been in awe of the artwork and furnishings that use marble, this is a fantastic way of bringing this natural element into your home.

To view Alex Mint’s impactful and stunning furniture and accessories for yourself, and to make a purchase that you’re sure to love for many, many years to come, please visit our Alex Mint page on The Design Buzz!

You can also view Alexia Mintsouli of Alex Mint’s Q&A here.