The Buzz Interview with Jacky Puzey


The Design Buzz's Charles Stephenson sat down with Jacky Puzey to discuss her namesake brand to learn about her designs, her influences, how she works and some of the interesting commissions that she is currently working on. Watch the interview on YouTube now or read on for some of the highlights below.

Having grown up in many different countries including Spain, Belgium, Italy, the US, Sierra Leone Cameroon and the West Country of England, Jacky studied for her BA in Fine Arts at Sheffield Hallam University. From there she went to Bath Spa University to study for her MA and PhD in Fine Arts, where she joined the recently formed Fashion and Textile department. At one point she considered moving into tailoring full time, but opted to pursue her chosen discipline of Digital Embroidery. Her work is very much influenced by exotic animals, colours and places

She started up her business in 2012 in Bristol. In 2016 she was taken up by the Crafts Council and the rest is history. 

Jacky’s designs are very much influenced by exotic animals, colours and places from her travels. She discusses her superb Collections, including her signature piece “London Parakeet Cocktail chair” which was heavily influenced by her love of exotic animals, as well as her bespoke made to commission pieces. She explains that when designing pieces, she attempts to create a sense of being at home in different locations.

Some have described Jacky as a traditional embroiderer. She considers elements of her work as traditional embroidery meets modern technology. Due to the amazing new technology available, Jacky now has the necessary machinery which is small enough to fit within her studio. She can now produce modern designs, textures and fabrics while still retaining the skill of the craftmanship of embroidery of the 18th century.

As well as her collections, Jacky also discusses her love of creating bespoke commissions based on her clients requests. Some clients present her with beautiful archival fabric which they want updated, or encrusted with contemporary embroidery, so that the texture of the piece has developed beyond where it originally started.

Within her studio, Jackie is the Chief Designer. She works closely with her two assistants who help her run the business, as well as with a network of skilled artisans many of whom are UK based. She has clearly positioned her collections and designs firmly within the bespoke end of the British luxury market.

She is currently working on a number of very exciting commissions, including one for a TV series currently being filmed “Becoming Elizabeth” based on life of Queen Elizabeth I. For this she has created a Cloth of State. She is also working on creating a series of church Banners for All Saints Kingston, and is collaborating with an Israeli artist to create huge embroidered tapestries.

You can view the Jacky Puzey Collection here.