What Does Home Mean in 2021?

 In the past year, our lives have been turned inside out and upside down. Our homes are now the gym, the pub, the library, the school and the office, as well being as a space for living, entertaining the kids and eating. One thing is for sure, we are certainly using our homes in many more ways than we ever have. What does ‘Home’ really mean to you and how will the home shape our lives in 2021?

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There’s no doubt about it, our homes are now occupied more than they have ever been as offices and classrooms empty. In a sense, our homes have become our escape, a place where we can retreat and forget about the outside world. Whatever type of home you live in, whether it’s a grand detached property or a quaint, picture postcard cottage, it’s likely to be filled with furniture, furnishings and items that bring a sense of comfort in an otherwise chaotic world. When we return home to the safety of our homes, we feel somewhat relaxed, as if we are existing within a bubble with everything, we hold dear sitting under one roof.

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Comfort and Style

Our homes are a reflection of us and our personalities. Your home may be filled with lots of things, from sentimental items and inherited vintage bookcases through to more contemporary accessories or furnishings. No two houses are the same. In time they become a reflection of who you are. The furniture, colours, soft furnishings and ornaments are an illustration of our personalities, preferences and individual style. Most importantly what we surround ourselves with helps to create our own sense of comfort. 

There’s a saying ‘environment is destiny’ which means that you must immerse yourself in the right environment to thrive as a person.

Spending more time at home with those who are closest to us, our priorities are changing. As well as home now serving many different purposes, filling our days with activities to keep our brains stimulated and our bodies healthy is a challenge. There is a resurgence of traditional board games, puzzles and reading, throwbacks to yesteryear where we reminisce with fond memories. In a sense, our ideals of what a family home should be have changed somewhat.

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Our environment matters, perhaps now more than ever. It’s not just the things in our environment that make it special, but the everyday routines that we undertake alongside those closest to us. There’s a saying ‘environment is destiny’ which means that you must immerse yourself in the right environment to thrive as a person. With this in mind, is your environment the best it can be?  Is your home a true reflection of your individuality and your family?

Reimagining the Home

The impact our environment has on our personal health and wellbeing is more significant than it has ever been. As the focus seems to be shifting to becoming healthier, boosting our immune systems and taking each day as a new challenge, the home is shifting more and more into focus. Those DIY jobs that have been put off for months are now being tackled, that sideboard that you didn’t really like is being upcycled or replaced and our entire understanding of what the home means to us is being brought into question. Thought is turning to planning the kitchen better to cook hearty, healthier meals, the spare room or garage cleared to be turned into a home gym or office, decluttering the bedroom for a more restful night’s sleep. You might think that there is a change afoot in the way that we see our homes in 2021, with a greater emphasis placed on comfort and practicality, rather than it just being a place that we return to at the end of another busy day.

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Alongside the clutter free comfort and personalisation that we always seek in modern lives, we must demonstrate a shift in our mindset, one that makes our homes a practical space that can serve many purposes from a snug through kids PE class. Being outdoors is something that we’ve taken for granted, the small freedoms that we have enjoyed for so long are no longer there. A walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon, a stroll along the beach, a visit to the woods. Thought is turning to our backyards and gardens as a small outdoor sanctuary where we can enjoy the freedom from a socially distanced world.

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Being comfortable in the home is important, whether that’s indoors or in our own garden or yard. The things that we surround ourselves with should add to this sense of comfort, creating a unique, personalised space that we call home.

Sofas should be welcoming to sit on, textiles soft to the touch. Being comfortable in your own home is a basic need and is one that can be easily achieved through the careful selection of colour schemes, the placement of furniture, the addition of accessories and layering of materials. How has your idea of the home changed, and will you be adapting the way you think and use your home in the coming years? Only time will tell.