Explore a bespoke collection of two or three-seater sofas and corner sofas in leather or fabric that suit every need. From ornate to clean-lined designs, our exotic selection of sofas fits seamlessly into classic, contemporary and transitional style interiors. Our unique collection of sofas is made of refined materials and is ergonomically designed to ensure maximum comfort. Each piece makes a bold statement and fuses art and design.

Fletcher Modular SofaFletcher Modular Sofa


Fletcher Modular Sofa

Eduarda SofaEduarda Sofa


Eduarda Sofa

Mr. Jones SofaMr. Jones Sofa


Mr. Jones Sofa

Ida SofaIda Sofa


Ida Sofa

Oscar SofaOscar Sofa


Oscar Sofa

Plump SofaPlump Sofa

Royal Stranger

Plump Sofa

Orion Sofa Grey Velvet BlancheOrion Sofa Grey Velvet Blanche

Scarlet Splendour

Orion Sofa Grey Velvet Blanche

Orion Sofa Blush Velvet & GoldOrion Sofa Blush Velvet & Gold

Scarlet Splendour

Orion Sofa Blush Velvet & Gold

Orion Sofa Jade Velvet & RoseOrion Sofa Jade Velvet & Rose

Scarlet Splendour

Orion Sofa Jade Velvet & Rose

Forest Sofa Green Velvet FabricForest Sofa Green Velvet Fabric

Scarlet Splendour

Forest Sofa Green Velvet Fabric

Strings Three Seater Sofa PlumStrings Three Seater Sofa Plum

Scarlet Splendour

Strings Three Seater Sofa Plum

Foil Sofa Luxury Leather Day BedFoil Sofa Luxury Leather Day Bed

Hommes Studio

Foil Sofa Luxury Leather Day Bed

Coronum Three Seater Sofa WhiteCoronum Three Seater Sofa White

Scarlet Splendour

Coronum Three Seater Sofa White

Moa Sofa Velvet UpholsteredMoa Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Hommes Studio

Moa Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Kara Sofa Leather UpholsteredKara Sofa Leather Upholstered

Hommes Studio

Kara Sofa Leather Upholstered

Giulia Sofa Velvet UpholsteredGiulia Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Hommes Studio

Giulia Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Cluedo Sofa Velvet UpholsteredCluedo Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Hommes Studio

Cluedo Sofa Velvet Upholstered

Master Sofa Fabric & LeatherMaster Sofa Fabric & Leather

Colección Alexandra

Master Sofa Fabric & Leather

Bowie Sofa Velvet & LeatherBowie Sofa Velvet & Leather

Colección Alexandra

Bowie Sofa Velvet & Leather

Cosmopol Sofa S ModularCosmopol Sofa S Modular

Colección Alexandra

Cosmopol Sofa S Modular


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