African Safari Lion Double Old Fashioned

SKU: G-212-THL-1-AM

£240 (INCL VAT)

The African Safari collection evokes the safari experience for adventurers and armchair travellers alike with ten different exotic animal head motifs that are available either individually or as a set of Double Old Fashioned glasses. The collection is especially noteworthy for its unique juxtaposition of aesthetic approaches and production techniques: Each animal head is hand-engraved in breathtakingly lifelike detail, yet also features a bold series of sandblasted geometric shapes that echo the prismatic appearance of Czech cut crystal. The resulting contrast between the engraved and sandblasted portions creates a truly unique look that is unlike anything else on the market and simply perfect for outdoor entertaining – from the Serengeti to your patio and anywhere in between. The Double Old Fashioned is perhaps the most versatile glass in any barware set, it is perfect for whiskey or any other on-the-rocks beverage.

H 9.7 cm
300 ml
10.1 oz

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