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Agni Tray and Brass Chalice Set

SKU: AB123756789-3-SET-WHT

£90 (INCL VAT)
‘Agni’ translating to ‘Flame’ is a collaborative piece designed by Atelier Aveus. Agni was conceived as a ‘healing set’ used to display crystals and burn sage and incense, however the set can be adapted to suit everyone’s individual interpretation working as a table centre piece or a food presentation platter. The piece can be bought as a set or the chalice and the marble tray can be purchased separately.Lead time for custom piece: 2-3 weeks. Design by: Atelier Avéus.

Materials: Chalice – Brass , Tray – Green, white or black marble, alabaster

Diameter Height
Chalice(mm)  100 140
Tray(mm)  300
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  • Allow 4 - 7 working days for UK/International delivery. (for non-furniture)
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