Kilngod Ceramics

Bhisti Moon Jar Stoneware & Clay


£1,524 (INCL VAT)

Rich hues of browns with a tactile sensuality pervade the imperfections of handmade products that define Bhisti Moon Jar. Elegantly handcrafted with love, this rare piece has an organic vibe that is perfect for spaces with a classic and contemporary appeal—taking a cue from the design style of artist Shailja Sharma, a design master in emulating the organic beauty and imperfections of the natural world. This bespoke piece has a spectacular three-dimensional quality which infuses an exotic vibe into the interiors.

  • Buff Stoneware & Crank Clay
  • Dolomite Glaze, Garden Ash & Recycled Metal
  • Width 13.5cm - H 35.5cm
  • UK Lead time 2-4 weeks
  • For more information on our Returns Policy click here.

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