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Brown Leather Pig Stool #149

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£4,700 (INCL VAT)

Hand-crafted Pig stool covered with brown leather and key features decorated with metal. As a process, the mould of the elephant is made in Fiber, strengthened with Iron and then hand-stitched with fine cow hide. The Pig comes to life with its features accented with metal. This classic leather embodied stool makes a striking décor item for the formal drawing room, or even the evening veranda. Whether used as a stool, a decorative piece, or an artistic expression, it remains an ideal playmate to children.
As a symbol, a pig represents good luck, abundance, determination, and sincerity.

It helps to achieve the impossible and scriptures of Feng Shui hold the pig as a lucky trait. Pigs are also sacred in several religions, including the Druids of Ireland, whose priests were called "swine". One of the animals sacred to the Roman goddess Diana was the boar; she sent the Calydonian boar to destroy the land. In East Asian households, it is recommended that keeping a fattened pig in one’s house would bring in wealth, good fortune and prosperity.

Product Care: Clean metal embellishments with a damp cotton cloth, clean leather with a fiber towel with any leather cleaning solution or conditioner. Avoid extreme temperatures and sunlight on the piece and blot away water or moisture as soon as possible.

  • Size: 35(W) x 70(L) x 37(H) cms.
  • Weight: 8.0 kgs.
  • In stock items UK delivery: 1 - 2 weeks.
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