Grace Souky

C1 | Large Copper Bowl


£225 (INCL VAT)

Spread the sparkle into your dining table setting with this bespoke Large Copper Bowl. Designed as a part of the ‘Domestic Collectables’ collection, this multi-purpose bowl serves as a container, fruit bowl or bespoke centrepiece. Artisanally crafted with traditional methods and made in Portsmouth-England, this bespoke piece celebrates the beauty of spun copper. The ergonomic design features cuts on the sides that function as handles. The C2 Medium Copper Bowl can be nested inside this bowl or covered with the contrasting finish of a wooden S1 large board as a lid.

  •  34 x 34 x 10 cms

Care Instructions:

  • The piece can be polished to maintain its original luster or allowed to develop a natural patina over time. 
  • Avoid contact with acidic foods to prevent staining.
  • UK Lead time 2 - 5 working days
  • For more information on our Return Policy click here.

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