Lotus Arts de Vivre

Carved Leaf Crocodile Sculpture

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A Crocodile sculpted from a single piece of rare teak wood, eyes set with black Agate, Sterling silver cast head, legs and tail. This piece can also be a casual dining implement as a large bowl, to serve fruits or to decorate flowers, apart from being a center piece in any luxurious living room.

The Teak root, with its curvy grains and natural pits, was sourced from the Islands of Java where some of the best Teaks are cultivated. It was further hand-carved by master wood craftsmen into the shape of a leaf bowl that also formed the silhouette of a Crocodile’s body, after which master Silver smiths and our designers accented it with Sterling Silver to form this Crocodile. Symbolically, Crocodiles are symbols of wisdom and the protector and keeper of all knowledge. As Spirit Animals, Crocodiles symbolize individuality, protection, and strength.

Teak has a high oil content, giving it the highest decay-resistance among all-natural wood products. Due to its durability, while it is still used for boat building, yachts, exterior construction, indoor and outdoor furniture, it also very dear to artists and sculptors for making intricate carvings and elaborate sculptures. Lotus Arts de Vivre uses various free-formations of the teak branches, teak root or drift wood to further hand-carve and create its designs, giving wood a second life. It took approximately 3 months to produce.

Product Care: Use teak cleaner or simply a cotton cloth to clean the wooden part. For silver decoration part in this piece has been coated with anti-tarnish, hence the silver is not to be polished. To clean it, use "stay clean" cream to gently wipe it with a cloth.

  • SIze: 25(W) x 68(L) x 12(H) cms.
  • Weight: 1.85 kgs.
  • In stock items UK delivery: 1 - 2 weeks.
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