Curt Modular Sofa Ebony in 94% Wool

SKU: CU04000*-1-Ebony

£583 (INCL VAT)

Ebony can make any space look so bold and classy! The Curt modular sofa Ebony in Wool imbues panache into the interiors of a contemporary living room. One can use it as a pouffe, stool or ottoman! This modular sofa offers flexible seating while adding grace and glamour to the interiors. It's also low-maintenance, along with injecting oodles of character to a minimalist space. The sofa displays its full potential when a group of modules are put together - a single module can also serve as a sofa seat, back or armrest.

  • 94% Wool 6% PA
  • Foam: Coldfoam Frame:
  • Plywood Belts: 80% PL, 20% PP
  • Hook: Aluminium
  • Comes with: 1 x Curt 2 x Belt with two hooks
  • Ready for shipping within approx. 8-10 weeks
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