Reflections Copenhagen

Diamond Mirror Xl Silver

SKU: 40

£1,207 (INCL VAT)

Diamond Mirror Xl Silver by Reflections Copenhagen. The Diamond XL Mirror is a magnificent full-body mirror that does not only provide functionality but becomes a part of your interior style. This magnificent mirror is available in two colours, allowing you to choose the mirror that best suits the ambience of your home best.

THE BEAUTY OF CRAFTMANSHIP: All REFLECTIONS COPENHAGEN products have been individually hand produced with unique artisan techniques. All the irreg-ularities and inconsistencies that you may find are part of its unique handcrafted character and beauty.

  • 4 mm faceted mirror on black painted mdf
  • L82 x h140 x d 6,7 cm
  • UK Lead time 10 - 12 Business Days
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