Faceted Double Old Fashioned

SKU: G-212-FAC-1-AM

£249 (INCL VAT)

Facet motif creates a bold statement. Every piece contains three layers, which are blown and then hand-cut and polished in 18 to 22 facet forms, creating deep colors that change depending on the viewing angle. This is a remarkably well-designed with great angles and fierce look taking influence from 18th century German vessels that used the same method of cutting and polishing. Perhaps the most flexible glass in any barware set, Double Old Fashioned is ideal for bourbon or any other on-the-rock cocktail. 

  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Height 9.7cm 
  • 300 ml
  • UK lead time 6 - 12 weeks
  • For more information on our Return Policy click here.

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