Forest Folly Double Old Fashioned Set

SKU: G-212-FFS-6-FF

£817 (INCL VAT)
Harnessing the belief to love all earthly creatures, the Forest Folly pays homage to centuries-old hunting tradition in the Bohemian countryside. The classic theme in a modern avatar features hunting-themed motifs like the Stag, Hae, Fox, Duck, Wild Board and Labrador with Pheasant. The six glasses are available individually or as a set in vibrant colour variants like ink, azure, emerald, red, pink and orange. Hand-crafted to perfection, each mouth-blown glass features an animal surrounded by a closely intertwined thicket of oak branches centred above a crossed pair of hunting rifles. These pieces are inspired by Artel founder- Karen Feldman’s fascination for an Art Nouveau engraving of a fierce stag found in her country house in Southern Bohemia. Exquisitely designed by Vera Pankova, Artel’s design collaborator, these bespoke glasses complement the aesthetics of a country house or hunting lodge and are ideal for serving whiskey or an on-the-rocks beverage.

  • H 9.7 cm • 3.8 in 
  • 300 ml • 10.1 oz
  • UK lead time 20-24 weeks
  • For more information on our Return Policy click here.

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