ACH Collection

Irene Ceramic Decorative Jar


£513 (INCL VAT)

Irene Jar expresses a special edition of ACH collection by HOMMÉS Studio. A celebration of Bauhaus 100 years that honours some of the most important Bauhaus’ artists. A bold color palette hand-paints this unique three-dimensional ceramic piece. This luxury decor series of Bauhaus it combines traditional work with cut-off pieces in various size shapes for added texture and character. Perfectly suit any room, it can be used as a jar or as a decorative ceramic.

  • H 30cm / 11.8in, W 17cm / 6.6in, D 17cm / 6.6in
  • Materials: Hand-Painted Ceramic
  • Lead time: 8 - 12 weeks
  • For more information on our return policy click here.

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