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Leather Lounge Pouffe with Brocade - Small Brown

SKU: 2012000443

£4,045 (INCL VAT)

A backless mini lounge Pouffe, crafted from fine Cow hide, elegantly decorated with Silk brocade at various corners. An ideal piece for a casual low seating lounge or a side stool at a formal drawing room. Rolf and Helen von Bueren, the founders of Lotus Arts de Vivre roam the globe in search of suitable textiles to design Objets and Arts. Materials were collected from Europe, Morocco, India, Japan, Indonesia, and China; Most of which are categorized as antique or vintage, were from the period 1880’s to 1950’s. These beautiful brocades are intricately and artistically sewn onto the Pouffes. This piece took approximately 2 weeks of labour to finish, with over 4 craftsmen and designers involved from design to production.

Product Care: Clean with soft cloth and wipe with leather cleaning solution.

  • Size: 58(W) x 58(L) x 51(H) cms.
  • Weight: 5 Kgs.
  • In stock items UK delivery: 1 - 2 weeks.
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