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Lunette Design Oval Table & Brass Base

SKU: D-PAT-N-220

£10,510 (INCL VAT)

For a long duration of circumnavigation, oscillate between the two at a perfect frequency, in perfect equilibrium, growing and flawed for an infinity of voyage. To transfix those fortunate to look at the offer of balance, beauty, and strength. It remembers the ever-present night light that has ordered to be happy in life. It waxes and decreases, always changes, but ever-present. A table that's completely oval, ideal for food, and many more. Built-in four beautiful varieties from a single handmade marble sheet. With place for many to sit, rejoice, and serve in the most fun way. Elegant and yet durable to the end, thanks to its perforated bronze frame, it makes a full leg-room while also raising the marble surface with ease and elegance, and the charm of its curves to complement its marble and thereby becoming one of two halves. 

Height: 76cm

Diameter: 220 x 120cm 

Materials: Marble Top, Metal Base Brushed Bronze

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  • Installation included in price.
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