Mayowa Samuel

May Chang, Eucalyptus & Ginger Diffuser

Warm, Cleansing & Stimulating
We created this blend to uplift you emotionally through a well balanced composition of sweet and earthy notes. The sweetness comes from  May Chang, a berry like citrus fruit, while the fresh, cleansing & purifying nature of Eucalyptus improves air quality within your space. Finally, the warm, grounding elements in Ginger promote a boost in your mood that promises to last through the day.
A whiff of this scent will be enough to put a smile on your face, even on a low day, we promise.
This fragrance is warm & rich, with a beautifully weighted contrast of sweet top notes and grounding base notes.

May Chang - smells sharp and has a complex lemony aroma. This citrus fruit is sweet in smell and widely praised for its ability to refresh, stimulate and relieve fatigue.

Eucalyptus - most well known for its wonderful benefits for respiratory applications including helping to ease congestion and pressure, colds, flu, fever. Eucalyptus helps to clean the air within your space, easing pressure on your respiratory system.

Ginger - Aromatically, Ginger is spicy and warming, this contributes to the energising and uplifting quality of the blend.

140ml , lasts up to 12 weeks
100% pure essential oils, no synthetic fragrance oils.
Handpoured in small batches
Made in London

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