Money Dining Table Tempered Glass Top


£87,596 (INCL VAT)

The Money dining table boasts exceptional Paul Rousso’s sculptural money banknotes, which were meticulously placed inside the table leg, to enhance its curves and perfect proportions. Made of tempered glass, resin and hand sculpted acrylic, the delicate details are the result of exceptional craftmanship.

  • Material Structure | Resin and Tempered glass
  • Artwork | Mixed media on Hand Sculpted Acrylic
  • Width 163.7 cm | 64.4 in
  • Depth 176.0 cm | 69.0 in
  • Height 73.0 cm | 28.7 in
  • UK Lead time 8-10 weeks
  • For more information on our Returns Policy click here.

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