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Mosaic Patterned Brown Shell Bowl with Silver Frog

SKU: 2012000607

£1,414 (INCL VAT)

Brown Shell bowl with a mosaic pattern, designed with a distinct Sterling Silver Frog. Perfect for serving dried fruits and nuts. Ideal as a gift, for any occasion. The piece is perfectly suited as a casual dining implement – Nestle this pretty bowl for a stunning cocktail presentation with miniature hors d'oeuvres or serve nuts, desserts, and candies for a casual gathering. Ideal as a gift, our Brown shell collection is also popularly used as a home or office décor on low coffee tables and desks.

Lotus Arts de Vivre sources its shells from Indonesia and the collection includes finely cut shells into small panels made into bowls or various formations, before being designed with Silver. Shells are masterpieces of nature of amazing beauty, with sinuous and elegant shapes and wonderful colours; they are sculptures that remain unchanged for an exceptionally long time. As shells are a natural material, its hues and shades may vary at each supply. The main commercial sources of these shells started in the early 1900’s, worn by the Kings and Queens of various eras.

Popular for their sturdiness and beauty, it was also used to decorate watches, knives, guns and jewellery. As a spirit animal, Frogs symbolize alertness and readiness, as they always respond to nature's timing. As frogs croak before the rains, they are considered bringers of rain, cleansing, and fertility. The visible changes over the course of their life (from tadpole to frog) make them symbolic of change, adaptability, and rebirth.
It takes 1 month to create a piece with as many as 4 designers and craftsmen involved at various stages.

Product Care : Use teak cleaner or simply a cotton cloth to clean the wooden part. For silver decoration part in this piece has been coated with anti-tarnish, hence the silver is not to be polished. To clean it, use "stay clean" cream to gently wipe it with a cloth.

  • Size : 13(W) x 17(L) x 4(H) cms.
  • Weight : 253.50 gms.
  • In stock items UK delivery: 1 - 2 weeks.
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