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Motorbike with Boar

SKU: 2019000334

£8,986 (INCL VAT)

Sculpture of a Boar on a motorbike. This piece has been brought to life with our design, the head and feet are in Sterling silver decorated with red stones and the body made in bronze. The wild boar, with its swift feet and sharp tusks is a surprisingly shy animal, and generally tries to avoid humans. However, it can be a formidable beast if cornered and has come to symbolise courage and ferocity in many cultures. This design took approximately 1.5 months to produce with over 7 craftsmen and designers skillfully finishing this design. Product care instructions : Clean with soft brush. For silver decoration part, wipe gently with silver cleaning glove or using cotton balls dab with silver cleaning solution.

  • Size: 29 (W) x 56 (L) x 44.5 (H) cms. 
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