Mayowa Samuel

Night & Day candle set | Rose Patchouli, Amber Noir & Lime Basil Mandarin

Our Night & Day set is an exquisite collection of sweet & sophisticated scents to use as day transitions to night. This set captures the winding nature of your day, with sweet floral mid-notes, musky rich bases & fresh top notes.

Amber Noir - Experience powerful base notes of Rum opening up to subtle tones of sweetness from juicy Pomegranates and fresh Roses to help to create a romantic ambience. A popular choice among men and women alike; our Amber Noir luxury scented candle promises to seduce with strong earth notes of Patchouli, black Amber, Cedarwood & Sandalwood. 
Lime Basil Mandarin opens up with a blend of rich tones; peppery Basil, Bergamot, Caraway seeds and aquatic florals, before gently calling your attention to the freshness of Vertivert and soft velvety Patchouli..
Rose Patchouli a sophisticated fragrance, filled with sweetness and fruity notes of cassis, dark berries and decadent spices of clove & cinnamon. These richness of the rose is surrounded by sweet patchouli and sensual vanilla to complete this luxurious scent.

3 x 50g
Burn time - 12 hours each

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