Slice Pattern Sofa in Tweed & Velvet


£12,003 (INCL VAT)

Slice Sofa is the result of a dialogue between the artist CBA and the designer Iskos - the Ukrainian-born designer based in Danemark imagined a limited edition of three upholstered items which consist of elements “cut” into slices, welcoming on the surface a captivating pattern that features CBA’s work. SLICE is soft and spacious, luxurious and functional, full of character and noticeable wherever it is placed.

  • Material Fabric | Tweed and Velvet
  • Custom printed fabric
  • Width 150 cm | 59 in
  • Depth 88.5 cm | 34.8 in
  • Height 68.2 cm | 26.9 in
  • UK Lead time 8-10 weeks
  • For more information on our Returns Policy click here.

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