Grace Souky

T1 | Wooden Salad Spoons


£45 (INCL VAT)

They say that salad is not a meal but a style! Designed as a part of the ‘Domestic Collectibles’ collection, the Wooden Salad Spoons infuse handmade and machine-made techniques. Ergonomically designed for a meticulous yet earthy finish, the spoons feature a long handle and edge that prevents spoons from sliding into the bowl. These exquisite pieces are handmade with responsibly sourced wood and are finished with food-safe organic coconut oil and beeswax.


- Wash regularly with dishwasher soap and dry immediately.

- To keep wood from drying apply coconut oil or bees wax when needed. Let it absorb and wipe any excess.

Set of 2. Each one is 28 x 7 x 3 cms.

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