Grace Souky

T4 | Cake Stand - Large Walnut Top



T4 | Cake Stand has a simple but striking geometry, an elegant look that highlights its decadent purpose. Show your homemade (or store-bought) creations or just as a show-stopping centrepiece. Depending on the surface it is combined with, the stand can have different looks and uses. This version includes a S1 | Large Walnut wood top. The base can be used with any of our S2 | Medium Board in walnut or marble for an additional top size. Great in combination with T3 | Cake Knife. The base is made out of brass plated steel. The board is solid Walnut wood finished with a combination of coconut oil and beeswax.


- Wash regularly with dishwasher soap and dry immediately.

- To keep wood from drying apply coconut oil or bees wax when needed. Let it absorb and wipe any excess.

Ø 34 x 6 cm

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