Tropical Reflections Set of 3 Trays


£500 (INCL VAT)

Set of 3 wood and mirror tray, Tropical theme. This set of 3 stacked trays embodies the perfect combination of Eastern minimalism and ultra light design, with a meticulous milling enhancing the tropic-inspired details skillfully cut by Giovanni, the artisan of Venetian glass mirrors. These tropical-themed motifs do not usually belong to the Venetian tradition, they are a modern and exotic accent introduced by Catherine to create a harmonious blend of traditions and inspirations. You just take care of the cocktails, we have already taken care of the palm trees and the warm beach-inspired setting. A special thanks goes to Gianluigi Dal Tos of De Dama company, who was in charge of tray milling. Without his meticolousness this project would not have come to light.

  • Size – Palm tray 48 x 32x h 3 cm.
  • Toucan tray 31 x 31 x 2 cm h.
  • Heliconia tray 16 x 31 x 2 cm h.
  • Materials – BASE – durmast wood, varnished with a matte transparent finishing. Assembled by hand by Giovanni, the Venetian artisan.
  • MIRRORS – antiquated mirrored glass cut with the waterjet technique. Hand-engraved and gold-finished vein details.
  • Theme: tropical
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