Willow Double Old Fashioned

SKU: G-212-WIL-1-AM

£115 (INCL VAT)
Willow Double Old Fashioned derives design inspiration from William Morris, renowned textile designer and founder of the British Arts and Crafts movement in the late 19th century. Perfect for garden parties, the Willow forms one of the most popular arboreal motifs, which features a fusion of flowing leaves gently waving in the breeze and branches spiralling around each piece like a creeping vine. This rare piece combines contemporary style with classic elegance and is available in sophisticated blue, olive, and amber colours. The meticulously handcrafted bespoke glasses are just right for serving whiskey or on-the-rocks beverages.

  •  H 9.7 cm • 3.8 in
  •  300 ml • 10.1 oz
  • UK lead time 20-24 weeks
  • For more information on our Return Policy click here.

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