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Zeus Living Room Marble Side Table

SKU: Z-VG-N-160

£3,871 (INCL VAT)
His atmosphere overflowing supreme dominance to address indeed faintly would be sheer ignorance, folly divine sway perfectly hitched with re-imagined magnificence affecting devotion, solidarity, amazing quality. Beauty what is some time recently you and elegance will be given back triple. View the reason you were drawn close, be as you were made to be and live, a modern, as never some time recently, within the presence. This multi-purpose living room marble dresser is planned to be as ultimately flexible because it is smart, making anything place on or in it stand out whereas being at domestic and keeping prized things near at hand. Books, music, gadgets, notes, enhancements - they all have their place on and in these three compartments, two layered dressers, with its bevelled edges, double-walled metallic polished bronze dividers and rich and marginally calculated metallic polished bronze legs raising it to the culminate tallness, in three charming marble varieties.

Height: 68cm

Diameter: 160 x 40cm

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  • Installation included in price.
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